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I have yet to read a Wendell Berry essay and not come away more.Born in 1934, Wendell Berry is the first of four children of Virginia Erdman Berry and John Marshall Berry, a lawyer and tobacco farmer.Wendell Berry lives and farms with his family in Henry County, Kentucky, and is the author of more than thirty books of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

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In his poetry and prose, Berry documents the rural lifestyle of his native.Wendell Berry 1934- American poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, and translator.Wendell Berry condition and to imply a fairly complete set of culture-borne instructions for living in it.

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... Wendell Berry's powerful essay, "The Loss of the University

Wendell Berry offers the fable of Whitefoot, a mouse who lives at the edge of the woods, at what she believes to be the center of the world.Wendell Berry is a famous American novelist, essayist, and poet.This was another of the books my husband got for me from the library for Christmas.

Wendell Berry is a contemporary essayist who discourses current national issues to persuade the reader on moral concerns and environmental preservation, frequently.

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Wendell Berry currently resides in his native Henry County where he continues to actively farm 125 acres.

On August 5, Wendell Berry turned 73 years old.

An essayist, novelist, and poet, he is the author of more than thirty.

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Poet, novelist, and environmentalist Wendell Berry lives on a farm in Port Royal, Kentucky near his birthplace, where he has maintained a farm for over 40 years.

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But I wrote my little essay partly in distrust of centralisation.

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Wendell Berry lives and works with his wife, Tanya Berry, on their farm in Port Royal, Kentucky.